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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my company information?

All detailed project documentation will only be visible to registered investors on the MassVenture platform.

How does MassVenture screen investments?

Before placing investment opportunities on the marketplace, the MassVenture team reviews various aspects of the proposed project, including but not limited to: geography, financials, property type, return projections, investment structure and entrepreneur experience. In order to mitigate fraud, MassVenture performs background and credit checks on entrepreneurs

Are there any transaction fees?

There is a non-­refundable fee required to cover due diligence, documentation and administrative services provided. For funds successfully raised through the MassVenture marketplace, a variable % commission fee is charged. The administrative fee is deducted from any commission fees charged upon successful closing of a deal.

Once due diligence on a project is completed and approved, an escrow account will be opened and investors will be allowed to transfer funds into the account, where the capital will be held until the project reaches the specified investment goal. When the investment goal is met, a company will be able to withdraw the funds from escrow into their account for use on the specified real estate project.

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