Our Mission

Connecting People Through Technology to Invest in Real Estate


Real estate has proven to be one of the best-performing investments. As real estate investors ourselves, we spent our early careers building and owning properties in Massachusetts and Texas.


Surprisingly, profits from those projects ended up mostly in the pockets of financial institution, who in reality were acting merely as middlemen standing between us and the actual people whose money was being invested.


We started MassVenture with a simple idea: Connecting people through technology to invest directly in high return real estate project cutting out the middlemen. This idea was simple but laws were against it until late 2012 when Jobs act was passed.


Together as team we bring 25 years of expertise in Real Estate, Finance, Marketing and Technology. We proudly launched our first online investment marketplace, where accredited and mostly importantly non accredited investors can invest directly in high return project with real estate developers. With as little as $500 a common man can take part in action.


The idea is simple yet powerful. MassVenture will continue offering the high quality real estate investment deals and making them available to general public. We make the process of investing simple, easy and through state of the art  to online platform.


Welcome to MassVenture community. We glad to have you on board.


MassVenture has been fortunate to attract some of the best talent in field of law, finance, marketing and technology.

Nathan Roach

Chief Executive Officer

nathan roachNathan Roach is a San Antonio-based entrepreneur and licensed attorney. Nathan has been a strong advocate for legal reforms to allow investment crowd funding in Texas and at the national level. A graduate of Trinity University, Nathan began his career in technology as employee number 19 at Rackspace Managed Hosting, rising from self taught webmaster to Product Manager. He took his technology skills into the business world, founding Litigation Dynamics, a litigation support company that anticipated the growing need for technology support in the legal profession. After his exit, Nathan attended law school where he helped direct implementation of the St. Mary’s University School of Law Technology Courtroom.

John Graham Jr.

Marketing Coordinator


John Graham got into real estate at an early age, working on commercial projects with his father growing up in Austin, Texas. John has spent the last 9 years specializing in web development and digital marketing for high-tech startup companies.

John Champagne

Director of Business Development

john champagneJohn Champagne has a background in financial services technology and securities, having previously held various FINRA licenses. He has degrees from Texas State University and Texas A&M-Commerce, and also served in the US Navy. John has a strong interest in financial technology and as an advocate for end users he strives to deliver a positive client experience.

Seemant Nakra

Chief Operating Officer


Seemant Nakra is a Real Estate Investor and licensed Realtor. Seemant moved to Texas in 2014 after Texas approved Equity Crowdfunding. He has a strong background Business, Sales, and Marketing. A graduate of Shannon College, Seemant entered real estate world by acquiring his first property for $9,750, a cash positive property since day one. Seemant is self-taught real estate investor now own rental properties in MA and TX.


Ethan Jones

Project Manager

ethan jonesEthan Jones started his career as a programmer before becoming a product designer with a user interface and conversion optimization focus and later spending two years building an analytics driven digital marketing company. Ethan has spent the last 8 years working on the overlap of technology, user behavior and marketing for startups and small businesses. Ethan combines technology and marketing to help MassVenture’s core mission of building investment technology for all Texans.

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We’ve Assembled a Team Built on Hard Work,

Accountability, and Transparency.