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“I want to further diversify my investment portfolio into real estate as a non accredited investor.”

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“So many possibilities it’s really hard to describe. Particularly relevant for new investors who are trying to learn but don’t want to commit their full funds.”

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“I want to be able to participate in transparent development projects with a direct ownership in property.”

‍‍‍Now, all Texans ‍‍‍can instantly invest in real estate.

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MassVenture offers a simple and ‍‍‍secure way to get into the real estate market.

Invest in Texas real estate with as little as $500

Invest In Real Estate

An attractive investment class now available directly to all Texans online.

Tangible Asset

Unlike stocks, real estate is a tangible, physical property

Portfolio Diversification

Real estate can lower portfolio volatility and provide a higher return.

Attractive and Stable Return

Significant proportion of returns accrue from rental income

The information presented above represents the average annual dividend yield for the Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFINX), the iShares Core Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG), and the iShares Mortgage Real Estate Capped ETF (REM), from 2008 to 2016. Source: Yahoo Finance Historical Prices

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“Tired of Waiting for U.S. to Act, States Pass Crowdfunding Laws and Rules”


“Texas investors can now turn to offers on crowdfunding portals”



“MassVenture bridges crowdfunding and real estate to spark community-oriented development”


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Texas Recipe For Success

‘Texas’ Economy is Big and Getting Bigger’

Economic Growth

Whats driving all this growth? Mining, manufacturing, textiles, food, real estate and tech.

Built for Business

Fewer business regulations, taxes and affordable housing attracting companies like Toyota, Jamba Juice to Texas.

Population Growth

Americans are gravitating to Texas because it offers affordable housing and ample job opportunities.

How Real Estate Crowdfunding Works

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Meet #MassVenture

Powered by Technology, Driven by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in

Law, Real Estate, Finance, Marketing.

Hassle-Free Investment

We removed the headaches and hassle of researching, renovating, leasing, managing and selling property while providing great returns.

Open & Transparent

We work together with sponsor and investors to ensure and enhance the investors trust and establish a system of transparency and collaboration.

Invest Direct

Investing through MassVenture the majority of middlemen are cut out, greatly reducing fees and allowing for increased potential returns.

Invest as little as $500 per project and now you can invest in properties from different location, asset class to reduce risk.

Project Updates

Investor Dashboard let you monitor your investments, returns, project updates and manage your documents and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Crowdfunding is new to most investors and we would like to assure our investors they have get all their questioned answered prior to investing.


Happy Investing.


Simple. Powerful. Real Estate Investing.

Invest As Little As $500


There is no ready market for the sale of the securities acquired from this offering and it may be difficult or impossible for an investor to sell or otherwise dispose of this investment. An investor may be required to hold and bear the financial risks of this investment indefinitely; The securities have not been registered under federal or state securities laws and, therefore, cannot be resold unless the securities are registered or qualify for an exemption from registration under federal and state law; In making an investment decision, investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved; and No federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority has confirmed the accuracy or determined the adequacy of the Disclosure Statement or any other information on this Internet website.



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