Real Estate Crowdfunding For All Texans

We re-wrote the Texas investing laws to give every Texan the ability to invest their money and build their financial futures.

Now, we’ve created the first investment club to help members create wealth by investing in exclusive investment opportunities.

We’ll give you one investment opportunity every month. Target returns will range from 15% to 40% and you will have the opportunity to invest in small businesses, real estate, startups and more.


What Does An Investment Look Like?

Every month we’ll offer you a new investment opportunity.

From there, just log in and you can see everything you’d want to know about the potential investment.

  • An overview of the project and market
  • Background information on the founder and leaders
  • The business’ operating history
  • Comprehensive financial and legal docs
  • A breakdown of all estimated profits and target returns

Why Join MassVenture?

  •  An Active Club for Passive Income

    Our hard work gives you options that can generate passive income while you live your life. MassVenture projects let your money work for you.

  •  We Do the Work. You Make the Decisions

    From background checks to project financials, we thoroughly research all new investment projects to make sure everything is trustworthy and reliable.

  • Low Risk Way to Unique Investments

    Support projects like boutique eateries, start-ups, and house-flips. Help your community, make money, and get bragging rights.

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How Does This Work?

One new investment opportunity every month.
Minimum investment starts at $1,000.
Target returns between 15% and 40% in 6-18 months.

21 Sign Up

You can look at your first investment opportunity for free with a 30-day trial.

We’ll help you set up your profile, verify your Texas residency and learn more about vetting projects.

After that, you’ll get a new investment project every month.

22 Invest In New Ventures

Every month, we’ll give you a new investment opportunity with a minimum investment as low as $1,000.

We’ll give you complete information on the project, the entrepreneur, the financials and performance history and the financial return you can expect.

Feel free to ask a question about the project at any time, too!

23 Profit And Expand Your Portfolio

Every project has a target financial return to make you money.

Some projects will provide periodic returns, some will be one-time profits.

Once your projects begin to provide returns, you will have new capital to reinvest and expand your portfolio.

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